NEW SINGLE: I'm Not Coming Home

Bohardt isn't afraid to get personal on his new single “I’m Not Coming Home.” Emotive and soulful, Bohardt’s dynamic songwriting paints the vivid picture of a challenging romantic relationship from his past. His introspective and rhythmic lyrics deliver an empowering personal narrative as he shares how he took the higher road out of this toxic relationship. An amalgamation of genres including alternative, R&B, and pop, the energetic, dance-worthy beats and high-end production powerfully complement his compelling vocals.

J.A.S.Y.S (Official Video)

During the 2010s, Southern California based singer and songwriter James Bohardt emerged from the underground scene with dozens of independent albums alongside a variety of artists. Today he is simply known as “Bohardt.” Coming from humble beginnings, early on Bohardt used music as a form of healing and a means by which to express emotional pain. Relentlessly creating, his resilience, passion, and inspiration shine through in his ingenious songwriting. His vulnerable, introspective, and raw lyrics serve as a powerful backdrop on which to reflect his experiences. With a voice like butter, his innovative take on the alt-pop genre is soulful, passionate, and invigorating. Bohardt cites Sam Smith and Patrick Strump (Fall Out Boy) as influences but his distinct sound, which infuses a myriad of genres appeals to fans of a multitude of different styles. With performances at LA mainstays such as The Troubadour and The Roxy already under his belt, the future is looking promising for this unique and prodigious talent.